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Sustainable homes

Since 2014, we have been investing in MorgenWonen homes, a concept developed by VolkerWessels. The various components of the houses are produced in the factory and assembled on site.

Energy-efficient and environmentally friendly

The houses are designed to be environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. Based on the latest insights and technologies, this results in ‘zero-on-the-meter’ homes. The houses are equipped with solar panels, an air source heat pump, a heat recovery system, underfloor heating and triple glazing. The houses boast a very comfortable indoor climate in both summer and winter, and generate so much energy that an average energy-conscious family can avoid all energy costs.

Outside unit air source heat pump

Outside unit air source heat pump

Various types of housing

We recognised the importance of sustainable construction and therefore supported the idea from the beginning by investing in the first houses to emerge from the factory. The concept has expanded considerably in recent years and various types of homes are now available, such as terraced houses and semi-detached houses, with or without an extension. A version designed to accommodate changes throughout the lives of the occupants is also available. There are now over 2,000 MorgenWonen homes in the country, of which we have about 500 in our portfolio.

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