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Corporate Social Responsibility

Reggeborgh Vastgoed develops and commercially operates residential and commercial property. We focus on the future design of the human and natural environment, and influence how this living environment is experienced by its users.

Our ambition is to ensure that buildings continue to meet the wishes of residents and users and that they comply with high sustainability standards. But feeling at home is also important. When tenants moves into our sustainable properties, they should immediately feel safe, secure, relaxed and perfectly at home.

At the same time, innovation poses a serious challenge because the market and organisational systems are complex and hard to predict. Despite that, it should be possible to contribute to solving the climate and environmental issues if we develop cities intelligently and pay attention to the operational phase. We are aware of Reggeborgh Vastgoed’s role in this. We aim to be part of the movement towards a more sustainable world.

By being involved at the beginning of the development process, we have more influence on the sustainable design of homes and commercial real estate. We explicitly include Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria in our investment and divestment decisions.

Our CSR policy

Our CSR policy sets out how we work towards sustainability and make it measurable. The objectives in our CSR policy go beyond the statutory standards and requirements.

In consultation with tenants, managers and suppliers, we make an active effort to reduce energy consumption and improve people’s quality of life. Where possible, we involve tenants in these investments in order to increase support for these measures and enhance tenants' enjoyment of their homes.


To make our level of sustainability measurable, we participate in the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB). By benchmarking our portfolios with similar portfolios among other real estate investors, we gain an insight into both the quality of our portfolios and the opportunities for improvement and focus areas.

Offsetting carbon emissions

We offset our carbon emissions by strengthening recreational forestry. Increasing the density of forestry in more open areas makes it more climate-proof and biodiverse. Forests are planted and managed under the supervision of the Unie van Bosbeheerders (Forestry Managers Association), and FSC Netherlands makes sure that forestry is responsibly managed. This is done in such a way that when trees are necessarily felled for good forestry management purposes, the wood produced is highly suitable for use in timber construction. That way, the CO2 absorbed remains stored in the wood.